Mr & Mrs Bones

21317690_10203649205707864_5599620537091622377_nI recently took up working with Powertex and went to training to become a qualified Powertex Tutor. I enjoyed Level 1 and began creating sculptures using this fabulous medium. Powertex is water based, non toxic and environmentally friendly, containing no chemicals. It is mainly a fabric hardener allowing you to sculpt wonderful creations. However as you progress through the Powertex journey, it is so much more and its uses are only limited by your own imagination.

After working with it for a while I went on to do level 2 which is Stone Art. Powertex mixed with Stone Art Powder also non toxic and chemical free, this allows you to create wonderful pieces that look like stone but non of the weight. More about that to come. I am also going on to level 3 in April which Mixed Media and paint techniques

Mr & Mrs Bones are just Pure Powertex and fabric. I started with a skeleton Head on a stick and layered up from that, finishing off with Painting using the Powertex Range of pigments to complement and give it the weatherproof finish need to allow it to go outdoors. This is first of what will be a range of Bones




About Alex Henry Mixed Media Artist

I am a certified Powertex Tutor in the CV21 - CV22 - CV23 areas in Rugby. I run a range of classes for the beginner to the more adventurous, suitable for all ages. recommended age for children approx 8yrs . Classes available at I also work in mixed media and digital art work.
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